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当社の提供する【国庫金納付システムKOKO PASS及びそれに関連する立替納付サービス】(以下総称して、「本サービス」といいます。)を通して、当社がご利用者様から取得するクレジットカード情報(カード番号及びカード名義人を含む本人認証に必要な情報)、その他の決済に関する個人情報を取得する目的、当該情報の取得者名、提供先名は次のとおりです。なお、ご利用者様が利用されているクレジットカード発行会社が外国にある場合、これらの情報は当該発行会社が所属する国に移転される場合があります。

項目 内容
利用目的 1. 外務大臣が指定する納付受託者として、当社が旅券、査証及び証明に係る領事手数料の納付(立替納付)を実施する目的のため
2. クレジットカード決済の不正利用検知・防止のため
3. クレジットカード決済に関するお問い合わせに対応するため
情報の取得者名 株式会社NTTデータ
情報の提供先名 ご利用者様がクレジットカード決済時にご利用いただいた各クレジットカード会社を含む各種決済事業者


お客様の個人情報のお取扱いについて(「個人情報の保護に関する法律」に基づく公表事項) | NTTデータ (nttdata.com)








Notes on use

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"Notes on use" is what you agree to when entering credit card information.

Privacy policy

President, Chief Executive Officer, Representative Director Yutaka Sasaki
Toyosu Center Building, 3-3, Toyosu 3-chome, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-6033, Japan

NTT DATA JAPAN CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") recognizes the importance of personal information and regards the protection of personal information as part of its fundamental activities. With the understanding that making sincere efforts to protect personal information is a social responsibility, the Company has established the Personal Information Protection Policy described below and ensures that all its officers, employees and business partners thoroughly understand and fully comply with this Policy.

The purposes of obtaining the credit card information (information necessary for user identification including the card number and card holder name) and other payment-related personal information that the Company collects from users through its [KOKO PASS government charge payment system and the related advance payment service] (hereinafter collectively referred to as "the Service"), and the names of the collector and recipient of the said information are shown below. If a user's credit card issuer is located abroad, the above-mentioned information may be transferred to the country where the issuer operates.

Item Description
Purposes of use 1. For the Company to pay (make the advance payment of) the consular fees pertaining to passports, visas and certificates as a payments agent designated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs
2. To detect and prevent unauthorized credit card payments
3. To respond to inquiries about credit card payments
Collector of the information NTT DATA JAPAN CORPORATION
Recipient of the information Payment service providers including the issuer of the credit card that the user used for payments

The matters that the Act on the Protection of Personal Information requires the Company to publish, other than the purpose of use mentioned above, are disclosed on the following website (Japanese only).

Handling of personal information (matters for publication based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information | NTT DATA (nttdata.com)

If you have any complaint or inquiry about the handling of personal information obtained through the Service, contact us using the information given below. Please be advised that we do not accept direct visits to the Company.
Contact for inquiries about the handling of personal information: kokopass_CS@nttdatacs.co.jp

※For information about the procedures in general, including passport, visa, or certificate application, contact the relevant section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you have any questions about the credit card information, contact your credit card issuer.

This is a translation of the official version of the Privacy Policy, which has been published in Japanese. Only the Japanese version shall be regarded as original. The Company may revise the privacy policy. All revisions will be posted on this website.

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